For rooms that don't have windows or are poorly lit


The most compelling reason for using Monodraught Sunpipe systems is to bring natural daylight to areas that don't have any windows. Adding a window or installing a skylight is not always possible or cost-effective. 

Sunpipes are a great solution that enable you to create brighter and sustainable indoor environments for happier, healthier and more productive occupants. 

Exposure to Natural Daylight has the following benefits by boosting the production of hormones:

  • Maintains the circadian rhythm
  • Reduces depression
  • Alleviates pain
  • Improves sleep pattern and mood

Additional Sunpipe benefits

  • Sustained 98% reflectance
  • 10 years guarantee
  • 75% reduction in lighting costs thereby also reducing carbon footprint
  • Reduce heat-loss compared to traditional roof-lights
  • Sunpipes are easy to install
  • No maintenance required
  • No structural alterations
  • Suitable for all roof types
  • Sunpipes are suited to almost any application and have been installed anywhere from residential buildings to the Olympic Handball Arena in London and Falcon Centre in Dubai

Beaconsfield House Re-development

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Sunpipe Review

"A single pendant fitting was the only lighting for an internal first floor landing. Replacing the original 1960s tar paper underfelt of the roof was the perfect opportunity to retro-fit a 450 mm Sunpipe, which has transformed the landing to a bright - and safer – space" - David McLean

Innovation doesn't need to be complicated
How does Sunpipe work?

Sunpipe collects daylight using a patented high impact acrylic Diamond Dome, passing it through a SUPER-SILVER mirror finished aluminium tube which reflects and directs the natural daylight to our double glazed ceiling diffuser. The diffuser distributes the natural daylight evenly in the room.

  Square Sunpipe - Waitrose

Square Sunpipe - Waitrose

Sunpipe, Solatube, Solarspot, Lightway or Sun Tunnels?

  • Sunpipes are UK manufactured.
  • Sunpipe have the highest sustained performance and design flexibility.
  • Sunpipes have a 10 years' product guarantee. 

Sunpipe is a Monodraught registered trademark. Monodraught was founded in 1974.



Our Diamond Domes have been independently tested and proven to transmit over 20% more light than a leading competitor. The flat faced nature of the dome ensures over 90% light transmittance (higher than both glass and polycarbonate) and it is sustained over the life of the product with no measurable degradation in performance and no discolouration over time.

Our Diamond Dome design is unique. The shape enables the Sunpipe to collect daylight from different angles maximizing performance and its material makes for self-cleaning dome, reducing maintenance requirements.



Our Sunpipe tubes are manufactured from PVD coated aluminium, unlike other manufacturers who use plastic laminate films. This distinction is key to the quality of the Sunpipe - Whilst a plastic laminate film may boast a 1% higher total reflectance initially, they lose most of their reflectance over time and are susceptible to delamination. BRE independent test has proven that Sunpipe maintains its reflectance value over 5 years, whereas polymer laminates show severe degradation in performance.


Our Sunpipe double glazed ceiling diffusers distribute the light evenly within the area to be illuminated, eliminating bright spots and providing all the benefits of a naturally lift space.

Stylish diffuser options are available: Orion, Contemporary, Elite and Glass. Click here to find out more.

An LED option is also available, Sunpipe LuxLoop. For more information go to Sunpipe LuxLoop.

Put simply, your Monodraught Sunpipe will still be performing
as well in year 5 as it did in year 1!